Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 | Best Bluetooth Speaker Price Below 1000 Rupees

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 | Best Bluetooth Speaker Price Below 1000 Rupees

Bluetooth speakers are the next step in speaker technology. With smartphones, we have our music with us all of the time wherever we go. So we need an option for sharing our music with our friends. Bluetooth speakers are the answer to that problem.

There are so many brands of bluetooth speakers on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you!  YOU COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! We have put together this AWESOME resource of reviews on the best blue tooth speakers to help you decide on the right speaker for you. We provide in-depth useful information on the highest rated portable bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speakers are devices that make our personal lives entertaining. They can be connected to various devices including PDAs, cell phones and computers. Without Bluetooth technology, managing these devices becomes a difficult process. Before you realize it, cables will be running all over your place turning it into a large mess.

Everyone likes music and the new tablet computers, iPads, and smartphones like the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy provide you with a great opportunity to listen to tunes from all over the planet now from the Cloud.

There are just a few problems though. Ear buds are often uncomfortable for long term listening and the quality of sound might not be to your liking or taste.

Well today, you’re in luck because we are going to review some portable speakers that can connect to your iPad/tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth that will solve all your worries and give you great sound for under a 1000 bucks.

Bluetooth technology with speakers can help make your electronic and entertainment life much easier and simpler. This technology is safe to use. Blue tooth speakers use technology that simplifies the process of connecting the speakers with other devices wirelessly. Speakers with Bluetooth technology can be paired with different types of devices including computers, cell phones and game consoles.

Reasons for the Popularity of the Best Bluetooth Speakers

A World Without Wires

One of the most distinct advantages of the best bluetooth wireless speakers is that they are wireless. This means they do not cause clutter or limit mobility. Wires used with other types of speakers can be an added expense to installation. Blue tooth speakers eliminate the need for wiring and the drawbacks that come along with it.

Simple Configuration
Most speakers that use Bluetooth technology have a range of about 30 feet. Pairing these speakers with some devices may involve entering a security code to complete the pairing. However, even with the requirement for pairing, speakers with this technology are much easier to configure than wired systems.

Not a Power Hog
Blue tooth speakers consume low amounts of power making them ideal for small, portable devices such as tablets and cell phones. Most Bluetooth devices use about 2.5 milliwatts of power. These speakers are also designed to automatically power their radios down during periods of inactivity.

Standardized Technology
These types of speakers feature standardized technology. This means that they can always be compatible with devices made by different manufacturers.

Blue tooth speakers are available in a wide range of prices. Most are quite affordable because they contain inexpensive circuitry. The ease of installing these devices passes the savings to the consumer. We have done the work for you with this one stop one shop comparison guide that compares the features and price ranges for the highest rated blue tooth speaker.

Portable speakers are very affordable because they are small. While larger non-portable speakers are more expensive because they come with more features.

Piconets is a type of Bluetooth network. In a Piconet network, each speaker with technology built-in can communicate with up to seven other devices. This means that you can connect several speakers to a single smartphone, tablet or computer wirelessly and the devices will still be able to communicate with each other.

Blue tooth speakers use certain frequencies to connect to other devices. The frequencies are free and open to the public to use. These types of speakers’ frequencies range from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz bands.

Bluetooth-enabled speakers are not intended for long distances between devices. The best Bluetooth speaker range is up to 10 meters. However, advanced bluetooth-enabled speakers have a range of up to 100 meters.

Data Transfer Rate
Data transfer rates of speakers that use bluetooth technology are determined by many factors including the speaker version and distance from the device. Longer distances lead to poor transfer rates and interference. The transfer rates for these types of speakers range from 3Mbps to 24Mbps.

Characteristics of the Best Bluetooth Speakers

While the signal strength of industrial class speakers using Bluetooth technology can cover distances of up to 300 feet, many speakers used with cell phones and other mobile devices have a range of up to 33 feet. Today many speakers using Bluetooth technology feature an advanced technology known as adaptive frequency hopping (AFH), which minimize interference by detecting other wireless devices within range of the speakers and avoiding their frequencies.

Energy Consumption
Speakers using Bluetooth technology have low-energy designs and automatically power off when inactive. Therefore the energy consumption in the home is low for these speakers. This feature is important for people who use these types of speakers with cell phones and other portable devices. If your wireless device keeps draining your phone battery then it is not worth the trouble. Special low-energy speakers offer maximized battery life by using less of the power used by other wire-less speakers.

Bluetooth technology is inexpensive for manufacturers and consumers alike. The total cost of to consumers for speaker with Bluetooth technology does not include royalties or specific patents. This technology is designed for mass production. As more manufacturers continue the production of these type of speakers, the cost of these devices will keep decreasing.

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There you have it 5 of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 out there on the market today. You can now choose the one that suits your taste, lifestyle and the kind of sound you need from your handheld or tablet.

Their prices are all reasonable at under 1000Rupees. So, none of them will break your budget and for their size, each delivers great sound quality with the volume you want to have to enhance your listening pleasure.
Wireless is the way to go with today’s music and you now have 5 great choices to select from.

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