Best Ceiling Fan in India

Ceiling fans are becoming a natural choice when it comes to affordable air conditioning and conserving natural resources due to energy conservation and rising fuel costs. They not only cool down a room during hot summer days but they also help with the movement of warm air in the winter.

Many people don’t fully realize this, but a ceiling fan operating at its standard speed can cool down a room by at least 8 degrees, thus reducing energy costs by allowing you to raise the air conditioner’s thermostat if you have one.

You need to realize that ceiling fans are an affordable addition to your air conditioning needs. Standard air conditioning units don’t create airflow, whereas ceiling fans rotate the air around the room, eliminating cold air pockets in the winter while producing chilling cold air during the summer.

It is also very important to get a ceiling fan that works well as a stand-alone cooling device while being capable of aiding an already present air conditioning unit that you might have.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans

Best fan brands in India

  • Havells
  • Orient
  • Crompton Greaves
  • Usha
  • Bajaj

The Best ceiling fans? In the end, it’s your choice which are the best ceiling fans for your needs

First off though, let me confirm your decision to install fans; they will certainly do wonders for your summer and winter comfort levels without adding too much to your power bills.

How many brands and models have you already considered?

There are so many available on the market and it’s so difficult to know how to approach the selection process. We found it easier once we decided to draw up a list of the criteria that we thought were important in our situation; yours may be different but these pointers should help you to drill down to what’s important to you.

So when you start out comparing ceiling fans, now you will have an apples-to-apples list to help you decide. Here we go:

Fan Size Should Suit Room Size

How big is the room you’re going to install your fan in? If your room is small then you only need a single fan with smaller blades. For larger rooms more air will need to be circulated. So, depending on how large they are, you may need more than one fan and / or bigger, more powerful fans.

Small-sized fans can be 36″ or less and suit tighter spaces. Medium-sized fans are 36″-48″ and suit regular bedrooms and kitchens. Larger models go from 48″ and more and are designed for large living spaces.

Your ceiling fan should not dominate the room by taking too much attention. You also need to take into account the blade sweep to make sure it will be a safe distance from the nearest wall. How high is your ceiling? You won’t want your fan to rotate any lower than 7ft from the floor.

If your ceiling is low, you will need a “hugger”, a fan that fits close to the ceiling. They are designed for low ceilings and do not hang dangerously low, threatening to hit people’s heads. If you have higher ceilings, choose fan units with longer stems because they rotate the fan closer to people in the room so they get the full effect of the breeze the ceiling fan produces.

Indoors or Outdoors?

If you want the fan for a patio, then you will need a different style of fan that is made for outdoor use.

Design, Style and Finishes

Here I have to leave this choice entirely in your hands. These choices depend upon your individual preference. Classic, modern, themed, metal, wood, cane, plastic, light or dark finishes? Your choice but do make sure you choose fans that will fit in and complement the style and colors of your existing furnishings and decor.

Noise Levels Can Ruin Your Night

Take particular care with this part of the selection process. In a shop it’s easy for ambient noise to mask how much noise the fan creates. But once it’s installed, you will notice that noise all night long. Believe me, the last thing you want is a ceiling fan that makes a lot of noise.
Before you purchase your new ceiling fan, try to hear it running in store. Failing that, at least check the noise ratings in the catalog.

The highest quality ceiling fans are usually the quietest because their internal components are better balanced and they last longer.

Motor Types to Consider

Generally their are two types of motors, direct drive and friction driver. Of these two common types of fan motors, direct drive motors are considered to be the better quality. They typically last longer because they have fewer different parts. They are more expensive but last longer.

Do You Want Lighting With That?

Fans are usually placed in the middle of the room right where many people want their room lighting. Do you want your fan to double as your room lighting? It’s worth knowing that some fans come with light kits or can be fitted with a light kit if you want. Some fans do not offer a lighting choice. If you want to combine room lighting with your fan choice, then find out if you have to buy the light kit separately on top of the cost of the fan.

The lighting options are also widely different, so that’s another decision to be guided by how they fit into your current or planned room decor.

Price versus Cost

Bargains are always great to find because most of us cannot afford to pay too much for our fans. However, cheap prices need to be considered carefully because there’s a reason why the price is cheaper than another fan will cost. Remember that there is a real cost in having to go out and buy another fan if the cheap one doesn’t last long enough. You’ve got to remove the cheap fan and then rewire the replacement.

More expensive fans usually have better components and better construction. And they will often have features that do not come with cheaper fans; they could have reversible fan direction for summer and winter use, or variable speeds and remote controls.

My advice is to give these issues serious consideration because you might be better off to spend a little more money for a fan that will be reliable and long lasting. Choosing the best ceiling fan for your home is not an easy task but if you follow these tips, the process will be quicker and more methodical.

You will also be more likely to choose the fan that suits all your needs — the best ceiling fans, right from the time you turn them on.

Best Iron in India

best iron in india 2019

​I have assembled a list of the most popular iron choices on the market today based on the thousands of reviews I have read online about every steam iron available.

With so many reviews and so much information these days, it can be really hard to get the best and most accurate information before making a purchase. No one wants to spend hours reading hundreds of reviews on something as boring as a steam iron, which is why I’ve done the work for you, and produced a simple guide below based on my vast knowledge to help you find the best iron!


Doing the ironing is a task that is unavoidable, especially if you live in a house with a couple of kids who love to roll around in the mud and a lazy husband!

With this buyer’s guide, I hope to teach you exactly what to look for and show you some of the top steam iron models available in 2019. Hopefully, you’re not totally board (board…get it…) by the end of this guide and I hope that I address all the pressing (ok, no more puns now) issues you have in making your choice.


The key to making ironing easy and sometimes even (dare I say it?) enjoyable is to have a steam generator iron. If you’re not familiar with the benefits, let me remind you:

Quicker to produce steam and do the ironing than traditional ironsHigh steam output can cut your ironing time in half
Steam generator holds up to four times as much water as regular ironsLess trips to the sink to refill the steam generator
Water is held in a separate tank on steam generator unitEasier to hold and use due to lighter, less bulkier iron
High pressure steamsteam penetrates the garments and makes ironing out stubborn wrinkles effortless


Low Range

There are a few low budget steam iron options starting from as little as 1000 rupees which are available but I would exercise caution when going this low with cost. Having scoured online for a decent low budget steam iron, my advice would just be to avoid the super cheap steam generator models. The reviews tend to suggest that, while some may be able to get by with a cheaper steam iron, the quality and performance of the steam generator just doesn’t come close to matching their more expensive counterparts.


This price range, in my opinion, is going to give you the best bang for your buck. If the thought of spending a ton of money on a steam iron makes your stomach turn, but you’d still like the features and functionality of a top quality steam iron then this is an excellent price point to aim for. In all honesty, unless you spend a ton of time ironing for a big family you don’t need a more expensive steam iron, but it is important to note that you will DEFINITELY miss out on some of the extra functionality and features of a steam generator discussed in the features section below.


Your top range is the creme de la creme, the best out there. I saw a great review of one of the Philips steam irons on amazon calling it the “Porche of steam Irons” and this is a pretty decent description of what you’re going to get with any steam iron in this price range. At the end of the day, some things you will just benefit from paying more for, and a top quality steam iron is a product where you will definitely notice the difference due to how often you will use it. A higher quality steam iron will work better, last longer, and could even save you money if you buy a budget steam iron which breaks down quicker.


Worth paying extra money for the best performing steam iron, but something available for everyone’s budget. I’m old fashioned, and when I saw that steam irons could cost as much as £300, I could not for the life of me understand why UNTIL I bought my first steam generator iron.


You have a number of different options to consider when it comes to features which your  steam iron will have.

Automatic Shut Off

It can it cost you a lot of money, but it could also be very dangerous to leave something like an iron turned on accidentally. We’ve all done it, so you’re not alone. I saw a cute little doormat the other day which simply said “turn your straighteners off” and thought it was a funny sentiment, but on a serious note, the automatic shut off features which some steam irons have are completely invaluable and will save you in this sort of situation.

Water Tank Features

The capacity of your steam generator is super important. As mentioned earlier in this buyers guide, one of the main benefits of steam generator irons is that they hold more water in the steam generator and need to be refilled less than a regular iron. If you go through about a million t-shirts a week ironing for your whole family like I do, the last thing you want to be doing is running back and forth to the sink to fill up your steam generator. It’s also great if you can get a steam iron which has a detachable steam generator so that you don’t need to carry the full (sometimes heavy) steam generator to the kitchen to refill.​

Bar Pressure and Steam Output

A greater bar pressure and steam output would indicate a higher pressure of steam and more steam which basically equates to less time spent ironing and the best handling of tougher creases. Steam essentially relaxes the fabrics of the clothes you’re ironing and makes your job a whole lot easier. Do not underestimate this feature.


A high-quality soleplate on a steam iron is durable and glides over your clothes really easily, whereas a low-quality soleplate may get damaged easily and become scratched and uneven on the bottom which can make your job more difficult.


Limescale build up can be a big problem for your iron, but many of these irons have features built into the steam generator to prevent limescale build up like filters and collecting devices.


The most important features on an iron tend to be the bar pressure and steam output. The higher these numbers are, the better the performance of the iron.

The table below includes a small summary of the main features which you will want to look for in your iron. Arranged by price from lowest at the top to highest at the bottom, we can see that generally the lower priced iron models tend to lack features such as automatic shut-off and anti-drip which some may find useful in their steam generator.

You’ll also notice that the higher priced iron models tend to excel in areas such as steam boost, steam bar pressure and steam generator capacity, the benefits of which are listed below in the features section.

As for how much steam boost and steam bar pressure etc. you need in your iron; personally, that is not something I can answer for you. All I would say is that the higher the performance in each of these areas, the easier your experience of ironing with your steam generator will be. If you’re a student or maybe just a single person living in a flat, it might not make sense to spend 1000 rupees on iron when the features of a more budget iron or even a non steam generator may be adequate

Product Overviews

After all of the above, you may still be wondering which is the best steam generator iron to suit your needs, and I would not blame you. There is a lot of information to take in, and it may be difficult to make up your mind with so many different iron options, but let me help you.

I want to make this as quick and as easy for you as possible. Should you be so inclined, on the sidebar you can see some of the in-depth reviews that I’ve written on some of these iron models, although that info is incredibly comprehensive and not always necessary.

I really don’t want to bore you with the minute details of each steam generator, therefore just below, I’ve written a couple of summaries on my top 5 iron picks, including the advantages and disadvantages to going the premium or budget route, and also my top three features for each iron.

Again, I’ve skipped all of the boring tech specs in this section, but the best place you can find more info on all of that is either in my in-depth review of each iron or on Amazon.

-Hold enough power for a family of any size and will keep time spent ironing to a minimum
-Have many features such as auto turn off and anti-drip that budget steam generator options don’t tend to have
-Are much more powerful in steam output and pressure bar levels
-Generally will be adequate or even surpassing the needs of singles and small families
-If you find that steam generator irons don’t benefit you as much as you’d thought you’ve not invested too much


All in all, I strongly believe that all of the above irons are great models and would be an excellent choice for almost anyone. I think the question of which iron you should choose is an important one which you shouldn’t overlook and is going to largely depend on your personal circumstances.

As a busy mum, I can’t tell you how many times my steam generator iron has made my life so much easier. When you come home after a long and strenuous day at work, the last thing I feel like doing is the ironing, but I chose a powerful model to ease the stress and make the ironing as enjoyable as possible.

If I was a single person who was living on my own, I may not need as much ‘firepower’ as I have at the moment, but I’m really happy with the choice I made in spending a lot of money, and I think if your circumstances warrant it, the more you spend the better the ironing experience you will have!

Best Hair Dryer in India

Best hair Dryer – which one is the best?

How do you exactly choose a best hair dryer ? It seems easy when you think of it but unfortunately with all the different companies and models manufacturing hair dryers – you risk to pass next to your ideal best hair dryer. Even if there are many best hair dryers from companies like Parlux, Babyliss, Remington, Revlon, Vidal Sassoon or Braun – I am still confident that you can choose one of those as your best hair dryer.

Where do you start when choosing your best hair dryer? Most of us will start by the look 🙂 No matter how hard we try, after all we are just women and we like things that look nice… Well there is nothing wrong with that – your best hair dryer can be both “good looking” and functional. Yet, It is still important to pay attention to some of the features of your hair dryer. The basic one will be the power of your hair dryer – the more powerful it is the faster your hair will be dry. Therefore be sure that your hair dryer is powerful enough to dry your hair in minutes rather than in hours.

Best hair dryer – pay attention to…

When buying your best hair dryer you would like to pay attention to how long your cable is. By that I obviously don’t mean that you walk around your house while drying your hair – but be sure that you will not be stuck next to the socket (It’s really annoying). My friend bought once (50% discount) a really nice hair dryer but unfortunately the cable was only 50cm long! That basically means that she needed to sit on the floor to dry her hair as the sockets where installed very low at her apartment… So for your own sake don’t make that mistake and invest in your best hair dryer .

Best hair dryer – do not forget…

Another quite important thing in your best hair dryer as far as I am concerned would be the option of ionizing the air that you use for drying your hair. Most of the hair dryers on the market have this option as a basic feature however it is not a necessity. What does the ionization give you for your hair? Well let’s just say that your hair dryer goes easy on your hair – It will not do them as much harm as a regular hair dryer would do. It also means that you save money on your hair conditioning products, since you don’t need to buy them, so make sure you have that option in your best hair dryer.

Best hair dryer serves you to dry your hair easily and without destroying them, therefore make sure that you have a small button that gives you a possibility to change the air from hot to cold in your best hair dryer . This one is very important as the cold hair does less harm to your hair than the hot one, which according to the latest researcg is very dehydrating… (seems obvious) See the list of the features of your best hair dryer in order not to miss the small button who takes care of your hair the way you want it to.

Best hair dryer final tips

You will not always use the maximum power of your best hair dryer so make sure you have a wide enough range of levels of power for you to adjust the power. This one is essential for you to finish your hair the way you want it. If your best hair dryer is blowing to strong, your hair will get destroyed and the effect is not even going to be similar to what you desired – in conclusion – eeeein not happy. Make sure you have as many levels as possible to adjust the power of the blow of your best hair dryer. This way you will get what you always wanted from your best hair dryer

Best hair dryer – Are you looking 4 one?

Looking for Best Hair Dryer? Are you a professional hairdresser or you want to reach the result as after visiting a beauty salon, maybe this is your curly or even wavy hair that don’t let you be beautiful enough? Well try checking out our latest big winner the Braun satin pro premium 2200 hair dryer It is one of the kind and people actually do love it so so should you 🙂

Having made a deep research, we chose three Best Hair Dryer trade marks on the market nowadays according to people’s opinions, which will let you get the result you wish without damaging your hair and at the same time making it straight, shiny and perfect!

Best hair dryer – What can you get?

best hair dryer for you

Our review website provides you with the rewievs of the most wanted hair dryers on the UK market, it means that if you are looking for a best hair dryer you will probably find it here. If not you will probably find your Best Hair Dryeron one of our pages on the website. Most of them are situated in the main menu. We divided best hair dryer rewiev site in a manner to make it easy for you to navigate and find what you are looking for. Therefore feel free to look for your best hair dryer, if it’s Babyliss Hair Dryer go ahead for the babyliss page. If it’s Parlux Hair Dryer you are looking for go straight to Parlux hair dryer page where you will find the best deals for the best hair dryer. If it is Braun Hair Dryer that you are looking for, check our Braun hair dryer deals to get the best offers.

What if you are looking for a different best hair dryer? It’s very simple, our website provides you with different reviews on best hair dryers go check out our Remington Hair Dryer page to get the best offer. You may also be on a quest to get a Revlon Hair Dryer… No problem with that our website has got you covered. We have prepared Revlon hair dryer reviews for you. The last but not least the Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer, are you looking for one? Well there you go find your best vidal sassoon hair dryer deals and get what you need. We tried to get all that you may possibly need to get you covered as far as it goes for a best hair dryer. Enjoy our effort and keep in mind that the best hair dryer is the one that dries your hair but also takes care of them so choose visely.

Best hair dryer will help you solve your problems

Want to look attractive but have no time and money for visiting beauty salons?

Best hair dryer

Some people don’t visit beauty salons because of the lack of money or time, but women do want to look attractive. So, what should they do then? The only solution of this problem is to get the result yourself in home condition. And for this case you need to have special hairdresser’s tools at home or just to purchase the best hair dryer that will help you to cope with disobedient hair alone. The advantage of this case that you can style your hair the way you want. Not always and not all hairdressers can please your demands. And this is the moment when you can use your Hair Dryer in you own way.

Best hair dryer – why do you need one anyway?

Why do we need to choose a Hair Dryer at all?

It’s very important to purchase the best hair dryer because it is for your own use and it should be bought once and for long period. Moreover the best Hair Dryer must care about your hair. Most people are afraid to dry their hair in order not to damage it. But trying our best chosen Hair Dryer once, they will never hesitate to use it again. Because every real woman must have a Hair Dryer at home as the most necessary tool in her toilet.

Best hair dryer is not enough? You need something more?

We strongly advise to try to use one of the guaranteed trade marks in hair care production CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray 8.5 oz. This heat protector is ideal for saving your hair in any cases whatever you straightening or curling your hair. Some people say it made their hair sticky for the first time, but having tried it again they completely changed their minds; they just understood they were using it the wrong way. You need just a little part of it to make your hair protected enough before the dry. Don’t think the more you spray the better effect you’ll get. Even one click can make an effect. You can make your own researches on different kinds of protection treatments and choose the very you need. If you really care about your hair condition you should always protect it. Whatever best hair dryer you are using it is always important to protect your hair as well. Keep in mind that drying your hair dehydrates it very strongly so try to use special mosturisers and hair conditions. The best you can do though is to change your hair dryer into a best hair dryer. You can even find one on this website.

Best hair dryer vs hair straightener – who wins?

You’ve got your naturally beautiful thick curly hair and you like it because there is no need to worry about density and luxuriance of your hair. But when you see women with straight, silky and shiny hair, you just try to imagine if such straight hair suits you or not. There is nothing terrible if you try to change it. We understand that for this case you need to straighten it with Flat iron and the word “IRON” itself frightens you, because you begin to imagine amount of frizzing on your hair after this process. But! Calm down! You shouldn’t worry about your hair being burned by hot press. All these hair tools were provided for safe hair care. Sometimes it depends on the type of the hair. If it thin and easy damageable you should be very attentive to conditioning agents you purchase for your hair.